Why Are Ghost Hunters Always so Scared?

This is more of an October/Halloween topic, but I’ve watched a lot of ghost-centric “reality” tv, and I have thoughts. I wouldn’t count out a repeat post, though. I have questions about why people who claim to be ghost experts and *so* experienced with ghost hunting are always so terrified if anything even remotely spooky… Continue reading Why Are Ghost Hunters Always so Scared?

22 Books I Want to Read in 22

The final 22 list of the year – 22 Books I Want to Read. I have the worst track record with making a TBR pile, but I will always hold out hope that I’ll complete one. And I’ve already read one of them, so that’s a great sign! The Orphan Collector by Ellen Marie Wiseman… Continue reading 22 Books I Want to Read in 22

In a Not At All Stunning Turn of Events…

I’m sick. I’ll get a Covid test tomorrow, but it’s probably Covid. Though since Omicron and a severe cold are super similar, it could be either at this point. Now I’m glad I left my mask on even when no one else did – hopefully I kept it to myself. Anyway, I’m not really up… Continue reading In a Not At All Stunning Turn of Events…

Thoughts on Travel

Soon, I head out of state on a work trip. I’ll be flying for the first time since pre-pandemic and I won’t pretend I’m not ultra-conscious of the fact that there’s a current spike going on. I’ve decided to do what I can to protect myself and others, but not fixate on it. I want… Continue reading Thoughts on Travel

Top 5 Reads in 2021

I read a lot of filler in 2021, but I also read a few of what have become my favorite books of all time. I don’t like reading long book reviews – they seem to give too much away. So here are my top 5 reads of 2021 reviewed in 5 sentences (or less). The… Continue reading Top 5 Reads in 2021

22 Things in 2022

I’m jumping on the “22 in 22” trend! I’m excited to get things accomplished in 2022 – I’ve been really stuck in a rut and even with the never-ending pandemic, I’m ready for a HUGE change. The List Read 52 books this year. Listen to 26 audiobooks (included in the above). Read 13 physical books… Continue reading 22 Things in 2022