Breaking my Reading Slump

This week is apparently ‘get Sarah out of her reading slump’ week. The past few years have been stressful in various ways that I’ll not go into here, but resulted in me not doing a whole lot of anything that made me think, feel strongly, or focus on something for longer than an hour or maybe an hour and a half at most. Recently things have settled down and the urge to read has resurfaced. It was touch and go for most of this year, though. Apparently I hadn’t read regularly for so long that starting again was harder than it should have been.

What brought me out of it was a weird combo of following a lot of book bloggers on Twitter, movies being made from books I wanted to read/had read, deciding to start this blog, and accepting the fact that sometimes a romance novel is a perfectly fine reading choice. Sometimes reading 6 romance novels in a row is a fine way to spend a week or two worth of downtime. Even though I am a staunch supporter of the idea that any writing is worthy writing, and I’ve never thought less of anyone reading romance, I always thought I’d be judged for it. My brain works in weird ways. It seems that The fact that since I’m reading one thing I look at other books as a viable option instead of playing 2048 for 3 hours.

Audiobooks have also played a huge part in breaking me out of my slump. I listen to them while driving or cleaning and then I read them (usually in ebook form) when I don’t need to listen. Discovering audiobooks has been a great thing for me. I can’t listen to them while I’m working, but I drive 4+ hours at a time and they keep me entertained. That and Taylor Swift.

I do still have an aversion to reading things I *must* read, which has put a crimp in my reviewing and a Traveling Book project I’m doing. I am nothing if not obstinate.

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