Blogging is Weird

Please enjoy my rambles on starting a blog and finding a niche….

Okay, so in my blogging dreams, Thursdays are for book reviews. In my blogging reality, I should have been reading the books I wanted to review before I even started this shenanigan. I am actually in the process of reading next Thursday’s book, so hopefully I’ll actually finish it & write the review on time. Also, I have about 7 NetGalley eARCs (and an eARC from an author on Twitter) to review, so I’m super behind on that as well. I’ll be putting all of those reviews on the blog because I’m not doubling my review-work-load.

I (re)started this blog on a bit of a whim. Even though I had been thinking about restarting it, I didn’t really plan the ‘launch’ particularly well. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to write about (books & life, primarily) but nothing more specific than that. Everything I’ve read about blogging has basically told me that I’m destined to fail because I don’t have a niche. Putting aside the fact that my failure-bar is if I just randomly quit and not based on if I have readers or not, I’d still like to try that out.

While I’m dedicated to winging it for the next month or two, possibly through December, I’ve been toying with different ideas. I mean, I know it’s going to be books & life, but that’s a huge swatch of topics. I’m definitely not trying to start a lifestyle blog, more just my general life happenings, and I’m not trying to impart deep life lessons (I mean, sometimes I am, I guess) so that’s not going to be a huge focus for the blog. I really just want to post some pictures and recount some life goings-on, to be honest.

As for books, I’m torn. Should I just focus on a genre? Like just YA, fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, horror, romance, etc? Do I have to narrow it down so far? Can I pick 3? Can I just talk about whatever it is I’m reading? My personality is very much the last option. I tend to do things on the fly, but I’m also liking the idea of having a plan, or at least guidelines. Most of the time I’m leaning towards reviewing books from a few genres – it seems like more fun to mix it up some.

I have questions, guys. This post makes it sound like I’m really super worried about this, but it’s more of a pondering on the topic. I promise it isn’t keeping me up at night.

2 thoughts on “Blogging is Weird

  1. Personally I think just do whatever you want and don’t worry about anything else! If you are having fun then that’s what matters. If you write a brilliant blog post and only two people view it, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a brilliant blog post. 😁


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