Blogmas · Seasonal To-Dos

Winter Bucket List

I didn’t do great, though I guess half is goodish, on my Fall Bucket List, but I’m eternally optimistic. So let’s try again.

  1. Put together a Gingerbread House.
    • Shane says I cry every year when I try to put one of these suckers together, but I’m going to try again.
  2. Christmas Movie Marathon!
  3. Go see The Parthenon in Nashville, TN.
  4. Eat hot chicken in Nashville, TN.
  5. Go to the Nashville Farmers’ Market.
  6. Go see the Great Christmas Light Show in North Myrtle Beach.
  7. Make Haystacks (my favorite Christmas dessert).
  8. Bake shortbread.
  9. Do an outdoor photo shoot.
  10. Do a Christmas-y photo shoot in the apartment.
    • Mostly I want to work on learning my camera – I’ve had it for a year or something and am still unable to use it the way I’d like.
  11. Find a new comfort food for dreary days. 
  12. Go tech-free for 72 hours.  
  13. Get Shane to teach me Chess. 
    •  I know the basics, but haven’t played in years.
  14.  Make a handpie or pasty.
  15. Go see a movie in theaters.
  16. Play mini-golf. 
  17. Take a walk on the beach with Shane. 
  18. Take pictures of a sunrise on the beach.
    • This will just keep moving from one bucket list to the next until I do it.  
  19. Get started on my/our 2019 goals.  
  20. Celebrate the New Year with Shane.

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