Winter Self Care

Winter is a weird time – the optimism of a new year and fresh start, the bustle of Christmas (even if you don’t celebrate, it’s hard to get away from here), tense (or even not tense) family interactions, dark comes early, it’s cold, rainy, and things can be awesome then depressing in the same hour.  Over the past few years I’ve come up with things that make me feel more like…me during the winter months. In the summer, I swing on my hammock on the balcony but I can’t really do that in the winter because I hate being cold. 

The best way for me to come back to being me is to light a candle (like Caramel Latte or apple cinnamon), brew some tea (my favorites are  Chocolate Mint and/or Decaf Vanilla Comoro from Harney & Sons) with honey, curl up under my heated throw with a cat or two, and either watch a show from my past like King of the Hill or Bob’s Burgers or read a book. Maybe throw a fireplace video on YouTube while I’m at it. Mix and match as you see fit. 

Or replace ‘tea’ with eggnog or hot chocolate and heated throw with hot bath & bath bomb. Whatever works for you.  

Something else I like to do is get out of the house. Since I work from home I can get pretty isolated, so a trip to Target or even just out to dinner with Shane can really help with human interaction.

Remember to take care of yourself – even for the totally chill, winter can be a hard time. 


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