My (Coronavirus) Summertime Bucket List

Why do I love bucket lists so much? I’m sure I put a few of these on here in the past. Let’s see what I can do during a pandemic-filled summer.

  • Make ice cream. I love homemade banana ice cream, and I can’t wait to break out the KitchenAid ice cream maker and make my own. Maybe some strawberry ice cream too.
  • Have a (non-beach day related) picnic with my snazzy new mint cooler.
  • Go 24 hours without internet or tv. I think I can do this one pretty easily, but who knows.
  • Get a fire pit setup in the backyard and have s’mores with Shane. S’mores are the best thing ever, by the way.
  • Finish a puzzle! We already started one (Shane and his mom helped me out), so hopefully this one is an easy one to mark off the list.
  • Make a drip sand castle – apparently I missed out on the vital part of childhood that was making drip sand castles at the beach.
  • Three words: breakfast for dinner. And I don’t mean a piece of toast eaten standing at the counter. I mean chocolate chip pancakes and bacon next to some french toast or something like that. Decadent breakfast for dinner, if you will.
  • Be a beach bum! I want to spend plenty of time being lazy on the beach while staying far away from other people. Why else live at the beach, right?
  • Make some Southern staples – fried green tomatoes is the only one coming to mind. Maybe corn bread the way Shane likes (hard as a rock and fried). To be determined.
  • Finally, my biggest goal this summer is to enjoy myself. The pressure, drama, and intensity of the world outside of myself is too much for me to make lofty goals and be disappointed when I don’t meet them.

I’ll see you back here in September to see how I did.


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