22 Things I Want To Learn in 22

I’m working hard on ‘personal development’ this year – I feel like I lost a lot of myself over the past couple of years and 2022 is an opportunity to turn that all around. One of the things that changed in the most dramatic way was that I lost most of my curiosity. I’ve always wanted to know everything, then suddenly I didn’t anymore. Pandemic inertia, maybe. Anyway, I thought I’d come up with a little list of things I want to learn – or explore – in 2022. Will I learn all of them this year? Almost certainly not – learning takes time and some of my items are super high level- but I can just add the ones I don’t get to this year to my 2023 list.

The List

  1. How to make animaguri – I have a couple of kits so this shouldn’t be too difficult.
  2. A bunch of new crochet stitches. I got a book of stitches, so again, shouldn’t be too hard.
  3. How to do a counted cross stitch – I’ve only done stamped so far. I have several kits waiting for me.
  4. How to do an at-home manicure that doesn’t chip/peel off by day 2.
  5. How to use my mom’s old sewing machine.
  6. How to do embroidery.
  7. How to make intricate friendship bracelets.
  8. Photography – I have a Sony a6 and a fancy phone camera, I should be taking better pictures.
  9. How to speak French and/or German – I’d like to be conversational in one. That’d be more likely to be French, since I already know some.
  10. I’d like to learn more about American history – specifically prehistory and 1800s-WWII.
  11. Make that learning about literally any time period in any part of the world.
  12. Campfire cooking – we’ve been camping a lot and I’d like to step up our outdoor food situation.
  13. Parallel parking without hyperventilating.
  14. Meal planning – I’m terrible at following my plan. So I guess it’s more “learn to follow my meal plan”.
  15. How to be a better cook.
  16. What it really means to eat healthy.
  17. How to meal prep/make freezer meals.
  18. Learn about my new company & industry.
  19. Some basic geometry (Shane suggested this one).
  20. Email marketing – I already know the basics, but a better understanding would be helpful.
  21. How to turn Google Analytics data into actionable steps. Again – this is a “would like to improve my current knowledge” situation.
  22. SEO – see above.

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