Thoughts on Travel

Thoughts on Travel

Soon, I head out of state on a work trip. I’ll be flying for the first time since pre-pandemic and I won’t pretend I’m not ultra-conscious of the fact that there’s a current spike going on. I’ve decided to do what I can to protect myself and others, but not fixate on it. I want to be safe, but obviously can’t be 100% sure I won’t catch it.

I’m fully vaxxed and boosted. I also mixed my shots – I got J&J for one and Pfizer for the other. I read that doing that might be better than sticking to the same brand for both. Is that true? I don’t know, but I’m sure that it doesn’t hurt. I also got my flu shot, so there’s that. There is no way I’d be traveling without being vaccinated.

I also have 3 N95 masks for my flights and the days I’ll be in a large crowd. I have surgical masks for when I’m indoors but not in crowds (as best I can predict, anyway). The only time I plan on being mask-less is while eating/drinking. And I’ll be going outside to eat as much as possible. There will be easily accessed Covid testing, so if I do start feeling crummy I can get tested and hole up in the hotel room.

I have 2 packages of disinfectant wipes – one strictly for wiping down my seats on the airplanes, and the other for general usage. I’ll obviously have multiple hand sanitizers stashed in multiple bags, and one in my pocket at all times. And lotion in my bag because my poor hands struggle with all the washing and alcohol.

I’ll also be semi-quarantining after I get back. I’ll be going to work (everyone I work with is also going to be traveling) and kayaking, but not going to the grocery store at all or visiting anyone.

Anyway, this post is probably more about me trying to feel better about going than trying to explain how to be safe. I’m really looking forward to the trip and I’m so excited because it’s a great opportunity for me, I just also want to be as safe as I can be without locking myself in my apartment.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Travel

  1. You’re doing all you can! If it helps at all, I took two flights (3 airports) to Seattle for the holidays, and the same number again back home, and I got COVID from a restaurant (family celebration pre-Christmas), not from the travel- even with people removing their masks in the airport to talk on their phones and whatnot. So with your precautions I’m sure you’ll be safe. I hope the trip is a success, and even has a bit of fun in it!

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