22 Things in 2022 – Outdoor Edition

I didn’t forget this list! Okay, I did forget that I hadn’t posted it, but I didn’t forget that it existed. This is literally a list of things I want to do that are outside, along with outdoors-adjacent things, not only “outdoorsy activities”.

The List

  1. Take the kayaks out once a month frequently.
    1. End Of Jan Note: I did not get to take them out in January. I only want to go out with Shane (I am terrified of getting lost in the marsh) and he only gets 2 weekends off a month and I was flying on one of them, so it didn’t work out. The spirit of the goal remains, though.
  2. Take the kayaks somewhere new.
  3. Go kayak fishing with Shane.
  4. Go surf/pier fishing with Shane/Dad.
  5. Go camping (at least) once a quarter.
  6. Camp somewhere new.
  7. Camp somewhere we already love.
  8. Have a picnic in Forsyth Park.
  9. Hike Wormsloe Historic Site…..or just visit it.
  10. Take a kayaking class at Savannah Canoe & Kayak.
  11. Go on a trip with Savannah Canoe & Kayak.
  12. Two words – beach trips. Plural.
    1. Coligny Beach Park
    2. Butter Bean Beach
    3. Back River Beach
  13. Spend the day on Tybee Island.
  14. Do a photoshoot at the Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island.
  15. Do several outdoor Savannah photoshoots.
  16. Go to the Savannah Botanical Gardens.
  17. Visit all 22 squares.
  18. Hike at the Savannah Ogeechee Canal.
  19. Start running outside – not on a treadmill.
  20. Make it a point to do pool days.
  21. Finalize the camping “bins” and figure out what we do/don’t need.
  22. Get a better tent.

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