31 Halloween/Horror Movies in 31 Days

31 Halloween/Horror Movies in 31 Days

The Setup

For Halloween, I have decided to watch 31 Halloween/Horror in 31 days. Not “a movie a day”. Listen, I can’t commit to a movie every night, I have things to do. I fully intend on blocking off a Saturday or 2 and watching 4 or 5 in a movie marathon event. Popcorn, blanket fort, and everything. The rest will be watched on random nights.

Look, I know I’m not going to be watching “true” horror movies. There won’t be a Saw or Hostel to be seen on my list. I don’t enjoy those, so I don’t want to watch them. The judge of what counts as horror is going to be Shane, because I need an outside perspective.

The Rules

  1. If it’s set at Halloween, it counts.
    1. Yes, this means Halloweentown does count for this challenge.
  2. If it’s gothic and spooky, it counts.
    1. It doesn’t need to be “gothic horror” necessarily as long as there’s a spooky atmosphere. Spookier than Jane Eyre, though.
  3. No Zombies.
    1. Look, I love zombies, and that’s why I watch zombie movies year-round. I’m looking for things I might not watch without a “challenge” to prompt me or very seasonal things.
  4. Miniseries count.
    1. Let’s say less than 6 episodes (preferably 4) and never intended to be a continuing tv show.
    2. So Archive 81, while excellent, doesn’t count. The Stand wouldn’t count either, since it’s 9 episodes.
  5. A total of 5 rentals.
    1. I want to source as many of these movies on Amazon Prime, Britbox, Disney+, Peacock, and Netflix so that I don’t pay a fortune on rental fees. Which unfortunately knocks the Friday the 13th franchise out of the running.
  6. I get 3 re-watches from the last few years.
    1. If I haven’t seen it since college, it doesn’t count as a “re-watch” from the last few years.
    2. This is mainly so I can count Hush, which terrifies me but is also an amazing movie.

I’ll update with rankings and a list sometime in the next couple of weeks. I already have a good idea of a lot of the movies I’m going to watch, but I don’t want to commit to anything just yet.


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