My Birthday Bucket List

My Birthday Bucket List

I’ve never had one of these before, but y’all know how much I love lists that I may or may not follow through with. Shane made a few contributions to this, as well, without me telling him I was doing it.

So here goes 10 things I want to do this month.

  1. Weekend trip to Jacksonville
    • We’ve visited the Ikea on a day trip, and went to see the Trans-siberian Orchestra there last December, but we haven’t gotten to explore.
  2. Sushi dinner
    • Any excuse for sushi, honestly.
  3. Dinner at Truffle Fries.
    • Also known as Circa 1875, but Truffle Fries really captures why I love that place so much.
  4. High tea!
    • So fancy, and in an old pharmacy so Shane will be right at home.
  5. Mani/pedi
    • Not something I do often, not even every year, but it’s so nice when I do.
  6. Go to the movies.
    • We were given a giftcard to the movies for Christmas that is burning a hole in my pocket.
  7. The Traditional Birthday Target Trip
    • Every word capitalized because that’s how important it is. I haven’t been super impressed with the Targets around here, but I live in hope, lol.
  8. Get a tattoo consult.
    • I’ve never gotten a tattoo, but I always knew I’d get one eventually. 2023 is the year.
  9. Dinner at Wild Wings
    • Somehow, the Wild Wings near us has become our default celebration dinner spot. I don’t question it.
  10. Start a new journal.
    • I’m about 15ish pages from the end of my current journal, so I’m just going to start a brand new one on my birthday.

I’m genuinely curious as to how many of these are accomplished this month. I’m aiming for all 10, honestly. Make it my first list with a 100% completion rate.

The Jacksonville trip is planned, as is the Target trip, and I’ve picked out my next journal. That’s 3 right there. Maybe I’ll look for a sushi place in Jax.

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