Why Are Ghost Hunters Always so Scared?

This is more of an October/Halloween topic, but I’ve watched a lot of ghost-centric “reality” tv, and I have thoughts. I wouldn’t count out a repeat post, though. I have questions about why people who claim to be ghost experts and *so* experienced with ghost hunting are always so terrified if anything even remotely spooky… Continue reading Why Are Ghost Hunters Always so Scared?

22 Books I Want to Read in 22

The final 22 list of the year – 22 Books I Want to Read. I have the worst track record with making a TBR pile, but I will always hold out hope that I’ll complete one. And I’ve already read one of them, so that’s a great sign! The Orphan Collector by Ellen Marie Wiseman… Continue reading 22 Books I Want to Read in 22

22 Things in 2022 – Outdoor Edition

I didn’t forget this list! Okay, I did forget that I hadn’t posted it, but I didn’t forget that it existed. This is literally a list of things I want to do that are outside, along with outdoors-adjacent things, not only “outdoorsy activities”. The List Take the kayaks out once a month frequently. End Of… Continue reading 22 Things in 2022 – Outdoor Edition

In a Not At All Stunning Turn of Events…

I’m sick. I’ll get a Covid test tomorrow, but it’s probably Covid. Though since Omicron and a severe cold are super similar, it could be either at this point. Now I’m glad I left my mask on even when no one else did – hopefully I kept it to myself. Anyway, I’m not really up… Continue reading In a Not At All Stunning Turn of Events…

Thoughts on Travel

Soon, I head out of state on a work trip. I’ll be flying for the first time since pre-pandemic and I won’t pretend I’m not ultra-conscious of the fact that there’s a current spike going on. I’ve decided to do what I can to protect myself and others, but not fixate on it. I want… Continue reading Thoughts on Travel

22 Things I Want To Learn in 22

I’m working hard on ‘personal development’ this year – I feel like I lost a lot of myself over the past couple of years and 2022 is an opportunity to turn that all around. One of the things that changed in the most dramatic way was that I lost most of my curiosity. I’ve always… Continue reading 22 Things I Want To Learn in 22

Top 5 Reads in 2021

I read a lot of filler in 2021, but I also read a few of what have become my favorite books of all time. I don’t like reading long book reviews – they seem to give too much away. So here are my top 5 reads of 2021 reviewed in 5 sentences (or less). The… Continue reading Top 5 Reads in 2021