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Christmas Pajama Roundup

I’m into Christmas pjs, y’all. I’ve always been super jealous of people who get Christmas pjs every year. So I made Shane buy matching pjs with me this year. Ok, I didn’t actually *make* him, he was fine with the idea. I’m not going to share a pic, but we have definitely spent an evening in matching pjs on the couch – especially in Nashville. I’m going to post a roundup of the pajamas I considered along with the ones I picked. All images are from Target, because I’m super predictable and only really looked at Target pajamas.

image of a woman, man, dog, and 2 children wearing matching red plaid pajamas.
These are the ones we went with.
An image of a man, woman, and 3 children wearing navy and green plaid pajamas.
Very close 2nd place.
An image of a man, woman, and 3 children wearing navy pajamas with white animals printed on them.
These animal pjs are adorable.
An image of a man, woman, and child wearing beige pjs with snowflakes on them.
If I looked better in beige, these would be more of a contender
A man, woman, and 3 children wearing a slightly different set of plaid pajamas. Red and Navy this time.
I’m really into plaid right now.
An image of a man, woman, teenager, and 2 kids wearing white t-shirts and black buffalo plaid pj pants.
I dunno if these count since they’re only pants, but I love Buffalo Check prints.

This felt like a better idea before I wrote it. But I did write it, and I’m very behind, so it stays!