Ten Books I Hope to Find Under the Tree!

Merry Christmas! This week’s topic from That Artsy Reader Girl is a list of the books I want to find under the tree today. I love this idea! I actually got a ton of the books I really┬áreally wanted from my Secret Santa done by The Broke and The Bookish blog, but I always have… Continue reading Ten Books I Hope to Find Under the Tree!

What Makes Christmas Christmas

There are a few things that I *have* to have to make Christmas a good Christmas. Two of them I discovered this year, oddly enough. One of those Terry Oranges. Why? No idea. It’s an institution, though. Real oranges, because I read Little House on the Prairie as a child. Haystack Cookies! They’re my favorite… Continue reading What Makes Christmas Christmas

My Christmas Movie Marathon

This past Saturday a good friend of mine came down to celebrate Christmaspalooza – a several years old tradition we have of watching Christmas movies (usually bad ones) and making baked goodies. This is the lineup from this year: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding Aldovia is a tremendously poorly run country who should have… Continue reading My Christmas Movie Marathon

Catching Christmas {Review}

I accidentally read a Christian Christmas Romance novel, guys. I found this book while wandering the aisles of my local library and the book jacket only talked about the fact that there’s a taxi driver who has to ferry an old lady with dementia around town. It was pretty cute though. The last half was… Continue reading Catching Christmas {Review}

My Favorite Christmas Movies

This weekend I’m going to be having an all day Christmas Movie Marathon with an old friend (called Christmaspalooza, an annual tradition) & while thinking about what movies we might want to watch I decided to post about my favorite Christmas movies. There’s no way we’ll watch these, since we only watch bad Christmas Romances,… Continue reading My Favorite Christmas Movies

The Christmas Tree Farm Mysteries {Review}

Thanks to NetGalley.com for giving me a copy of Twas the Knife Before Christmas in return for an honest review. I got a copy of the second book in this series (‘Twas the Knife Before Christmas) from NetGalley and decided to read the first book as well. It wasn’t super needed, since the second book… Continue reading The Christmas Tree Farm Mysteries {Review}

My Christmas Wish List {minus books}

I looked around the internet for some Blogmas ideas and a ton of people suggested putting up my Christmas List. Which feels weird to do, honestly, but why not? I doubt anyone who actually buys me gifts will see this list, but it’s still accurate. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish –  I have no idea… Continue reading My Christmas Wish List {minus books}