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My Christmas Movie Marathon

My Christmas Movie Marathon

This past Saturday a good friend of mine came down to celebrate Christmaspalooza – a several years old tradition we have of watching Christmas movies (usually bad ones) and making baked goodies. This is the lineup from this year:

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Aldovia is a tremendously poorly run country who should have democratic elections promptly. The movie rarely has the bride and groom in the same room, which was a super weird choice. I didn’t watch this for Count Simon’s redemption arc or the government’s financial failings. 

Christmas Inheritance

This was pretty cute, I won’t lie. It was the perfect amount of Hallmark-like shenanigans. The formula worked well, though I found myself liking her original boyfriend more than you’re supposed to like the original man in her life. I’m reasonably sure she has to move back to New York City to run her company (that she inherited from her dad even though she showed no aptitude for leadership), so that’s a nice change. My friend called it ‘A Trump Family Christmas’, but I feel like that’s an unfair comparison. She’s not nearly as spoiled by the end of the movie as she does in the beginning.

The Christmas Chronicles

This is by far my favorite of the four movies! I actually enjoyed all four, to differing degrees, but this is the best. Kurt Russell is so dang good. His Santa Claus is an excellent twist on the usual one. And Oliver Hudson in the beginning made me happy.

This movie is a kids’ Christmas adventure that reminds me of 1990s Christmas movies. It made me nostalgic, though I don’t know how it would stack up to them. 

It’s a really cute movie, y’all, and I would definitely recommend it. The older brother sucks for a good bit of the beginning, just so you know.

The Holiday Calendar

This movie is so dang cute. It’s just a feel-good Christmas movie with questionable judgement on her part until she suddenly ‘sees the light’ at the end. 

I love a good Advent calendar in real life, so you know I loved seeing a magical one bring love to someone. I love a good trope, too, so the best-friend-is-your-true-love-you-dummy is also right up my alley. A photographer dealing with her parents asking about her life choices feels pretty legit, but then they’re won over by some art at a school auction which makes me wonder if they ever looked at her work. Still cute, though.

I still have a ton of movies that I want to watch, but haven’t had the chance yet and might not get the chance to before Christmas. I have part of next week off (from work *and* family) so I might just declare one of those days to be another movie marathon. I feel like you can watch Christmas movies through to New Year’s.


My Favorite Christmas Movies

This weekend I’m going to be having an all day Christmas Movie Marathon with an old friend (called Christmaspalooza, an annual tradition) & while thinking about what movies we might want to watch I decided to post about my favorite Christmas movies. There’s no way we’ll watch these, since we only watch bad Christmas Romances, but I’ll watch of all of these at some point in December.

  1. The Holiday – This is by far my favorite Christmas movie. All the main characters are fantastic and the supporting characters are perfect. Who doesn’t want to swap houses with a stranger and then fall in love in a foreign country?
  2. Dear Santa – I have no idea how I found this movie, but watching it is an annual tradition. It has all the things – spoiled little rich girl, single dad that runs a food kitchen, adorable little girl, scheming girlfriend, an ensemble of wise friends. It just makes me happy. 
  3. Desk Set – A friend of mine introduced me to this movie and I LOVE IT. It’s about a man trying to install an enormous computer (the movie was made in 1957) for reference questions in a broadcasting company’s library and the sassy librarian who gives him trouble. It has Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn and I can’t believe I made it to adulthood without seeing it.
  4. Bad Santa – This is the guiltiest of guilty pleasures for me. I have no defense. 
  5. Elf – How is this movie 15 years old? I can’t believe it’s been a staple in the Christmas movie lineup for that long. 
  6. The Santa Clause – I’ve been watching this since I was a little one and I will never stop. 
  7. Home Alone – Samesies. 
  8. A Christmas Prince – I enjoy this movie against my will, and I will be watching the sequel this weekend. 
  9. It’s a Wonderful Life – Classic. Who doesn’t love It’s a Wonderful Life?
  10. All the classic animated Christmas movies from the 60s/70s (Frosty the Snowman, The Little Drummer Boy, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer…you know the ones). – Unlike the others in this list, I actually haven’t seen these in a few years and I’m sure they’re very ‘of the time’ but they will always be special to me.

Let me know if I’m missing any on your favorites list!