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Why Are Ghost Hunters Always so Scared?

This is more of an October/Halloween topic, but I’ve watched a lot of ghost-centric “reality” tv, and I have thoughts. I wouldn’t count out a repeat post, though.

I have questions about why people who claim to be ghost experts and *so* experienced with ghost hunting are always so terrified if anything even remotely spooky happens. I’m not talking about the people who just love to ghost hunt and lose their shit like a celebrity dropped in on their stream, I’m talking about “professional” ghost hunters. You know the ones. You’ve already pictured him in your mind.

It’ll be late at night, because we all know ghosts only cause havoc when it’s dark, and they will beg for something to happen. When something even remotely tangentially unexplainable happens, they then lose their ever loving mind. Even when it’s clear that it’s just the wind blowing and creating a series of nearly-silent creaks. It really makes me feel like you aren’t used to sneaky spooks, my guy. If you have so much experience with ghosts and have contact with them on the regular, why do the most mundane things send you into a tizzy?

I think that I just really want a show where the ghost hunters have insane, over the top things happen and they are just super chill about the whole thing. “Yeah, that’s Jonah, he likes to throw vases directly at my face. It’s whatever.” Instead of thinking that a slightly drafty window is a cause for running very fast in the opposite direction.

Apparently, this is what happens when I get Covid – I watch Korean tv shows (non-ghost related) and think too much about ghost hunters who overreact when something happens. I actually made the draft with just a title months ago, but it’s been on my mind lately.