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31 Horror Movies – Part 2

31 Horror Movies – Part 2

I DID IT!!! 31 MOVIES!!!

I didn’t think I would, but I’m glad I did. No lie, it’s because Shane relentlessly bullied me into cramming in a few at the end. I did 4 movies in one day on a Saturday. Twice. The 4 Purge movies and the last 4 I watched.

I want to state that the 1-10 scale is the horror movie scale, not the all movies scale. Those would be radically different.

  1. The Purge (Rented)
    • Loved it. I wish I had watched it back when it first came out, because I think it would have been more impactful in a world that isn’t quite so….the way it currently is. It’s an interesting thought experiment that I truly hope never becomes a real thing.
      • 8 for both of us
  2. The Purge: Anarchy (Rented)
    • I was surprised that the sequel was as good, if not slightly better, than the original movie. I think the Purge series are lucky in that there are millions of stories you could tell around Purge Night.
      • My rating: 8
      • Shane’s rating: 9
  3. The Purge: Election Year (Rented)
    • My favorite of the 4 Purges we watched, I think this being my favorite came down to the characters. Somehow the actors & their characters turned things that I would generally roll my eyes at into things I believed. And I like explosions.
      • 9 for both of us.
  4. The First Purge (Rented)
    • I feel like I was tapped out on Purge movies this day, but I don’t think this is the strongest entry either. Possibly because it’s a prequel and I know what happens in the future. That made the fact that the stakes were if The Purge works or not pointless. It would have been better as a straightforward slash-em-up. Same characters and everything. Still intensely watchable, though.
      • My rating: 7
      • Shane’s rating: 6
  5. Old People (Netflix)
    • This was pretty meh for me, but Shane enjoyed it. It turned into a zombie-adjacent movie and it was really disjointed. It also felt preachy in a way, though I don’t really put it past the old folks, honestly, they were very neglected. I took a point off for two unnecessary vomit scenes, by the way. Nasty.
      • My rating: 3
      • Shane’s rating: 5
  6. We Are Still Here (Amazon)
    • This one is very much an 8 for the type of movie it is – it’s a slow build, and gets quite silly/cheesy towards the end, but I was delighted by it. It helped that the entire vibe of the movie was very retro, which is always on the pro side of things. Larry Fessenden was amazing, which is to be expected.
      • 8 for both of us
  7. Intruders (Amazon)
    • An interesting premise and decent execution – a few of the aspects of the movie felt gimmicky. Having the entire film set in a house was a great idea and the agoraphobia the main character has forces the plot in interesting ways. It wasn’t a groundbreaking movie in any way, but it isn’t one of the movies I regret watching.
      • 6 for both of us
  8. Splinter (Amazon)
    • An excellent example of a creature feature, this has some gore and some bad decisions, so naturally I really liked it. The characters were all great and I enjoyed the way all the relationships evolved. Weird note – Jill Wagner, who is now known for Hallmark Movies, is the main character in this.
      • My rating: 7
      • Shane’s rating: 6
  9. The Descent (Amazon)
    • I’ve avoided this movie for years because I thought it would be terrifying, and it wasn’t. Quite the disappointment, honestly. There were several moments where I wanted to reach into the screen and shake them. Generally not a fan.
      • 4 for both of us
  10. When a Stranger Calls (Amazon)
    • The main character in this one gets a bit of a pass for all her boneheaded choices because she’s in high school, and teenagers are not known for their excellent decision making. It was definitely action packed, though, which was nice. The kids she’s babysitting were excellent at their roles – very good at crying and hiding.
      • My rating: 5
      • Shane didn’t watch this one.
  11. The Tall Man (Amazon)
    • The premise here is super interesting and there were parts that I didn’t expect which was nice. Jodelle Ferland is an excellent addition to the cast, as she is in everything she graces with her presence, and Jessica Biel was so believable. I don’t want to say anything else, because my reactions would be immediate spoilers.
      • My rating: 7
      • Shane’s rating: 6
  12. Flight 7500 (Amazon)
    • This movie is one of the most claustrophic movies I’ve ever seen, because it takes place entirely inside of a plane. It’s also a compilation of all the terrifying possibilities of a plane trip. Except they don’t have a violent passenger, so there’s that, I guess. What I’m saying is that if you already have a phobia of flying, then don’t watch this one.
      • My rating: 6
      • Shane didn’t watch this one.
  13. Hellraiser (2022) (Hulu)
    • I’ve never seen the original Hellraiser (yes, I have missed out on many classic horror movies), but I’m guessing it was better than this one to become such a classic. I only liked and rooted for one character, but there wasn’t anything overly terrible about it, either. It was just slow and something was lacking.
      • My rating: 4
      • Shane’s rating: 6
  14. No Exit (Hulu)
    • So good. The main character is flawed yet super likable, and the rest of the characters are interesting. I keep wanting to say what I thought about certain characters and situations, but they’d all be spoilers. I 100% recommend this one.
      • 8 for both
  15. Crawlers (Hulu)
    • An alien invasion film that seems to be for teens/young adults, watch this one when you want something that doesn’t make you think too hard and is also entertaining. I really enjoyed the narrator, and I felt like the crew didn’t make too many outstandingly bad decisions which is pretty rare for a horror movie.
      • My rating: 5
      • Shane’s rating: 4
  16. V/H/S 2 (Hulu)
    • I didn’t love this, but Shane enjoyed it. It’s made up of 4 short films – about 20 minutes each. One was really good and had a couple of nice jump scares, while the other three ranged from okay to awful. If you’ve never seen it, I just want you to know that the dog dies and it’s not off screen. I may have taken a point off just for that.
      • My rating: 3
      • Shane’s rating: 6
Zombie Movies & TV

Zombie Movies & TV

Since I’m not watching zombie movies for my horror movie-a-thon, and I don’t have time to watch any zombie tv shows right now, I thought I’d make a little list of zombie movies & tv shows that I wholeheartedly recommend.


  • Train to Busan
    • When the zombie apocalypse breaks out on the Korean peninsula, the passengers on a train to Busan fight to survive. I don’t know if you can call a movie made in 2016 a classic movie yet, but if it’s not one yet, it will be.
  • #Alive
    • This movie is centered on a man trapped alone in an apartment building during a zombie outbreak and how he deals with it. He’s has very few survival skills and struggles to stay alive as the days pass. It feels like a pretty true to life scenario, if I’m honest. There’s also an American version of this movie called Alone, and it’s also pretty good.
  • Little Monsters
    • A little Aussie horror-comedy, this movie has a huge heart. And Lupita Nyong’o, who unsurprisingly knocks it out of the park. A kindergarten class is on a class trip when zombies show up. The only adults are a loser uncle of one of the children, the teacher, and a washed up, bitter children’s show host. Somehow even the loser uncle’s redemption arc doesn’t feel as played out as expected.
  • The Rezort
    • A fun B-movie, the Rezort is a vacation getaway where people can go on a “zafari” – a zombie safari. Zombies in the wild were wiped out a decade ago and people now want to kill zombies in a safe and controlled way. Too bad it doesn’t stay safe and controlled.
  • 28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later
    • I had to include these two classic zombie movies. Based in London, these movies are classics for a reason and I can’t recommend them enough.

TV Shows (that aren’t The Walking Dead):

  • Kingdom
    • I love zombie shows and I love period pieces, so Kingdom is right up my alley. It has such an interesting political dimension to it as well, so if that’s your thing, this is a good option for you. It is in Korean, so there are subtitles.
  • All of Us Are Dead
    • One of my favorite tv shows regardless of zombies, this Korean high school coming of age series is what a lot of American high school shows wish they could be. These kids are are dealing with zombies, but also take time to have angst about crushes and how to deal with traitors without losing their humanity.
  • Black Summer
    • Technically a spin off of Z Nation, it doesn’t really have anything to do with the original. You can tell it takes some inspiration from other American zombie media, but somehow manages to feel fresh. It focuses on a mom trying to get to her daughter while dealing with a zombie apocalypse.
  • Freakish
    • This is my guilty pleasure show. A bunch of high school kids are trapped in a high school not only because there are zombies outside, but there’s also a toxic cloud that caused the zombies. It’s a fun little show that doesn’t make you think too hard.
  • Sweet Home
    • Yet another Korean entry in this list, this one doesn’t technically deal with zombies, it does deal with humans turning into monsters so I’m counting it. The residents of an apartment building are trapped inside while having to deal with this monster outbreak.

Zombies are my favorite type of horror, and there are a million more that I haven’t seen. Horror movies as a whole are hit or miss as far as quality goes, and zombie movies are even more so, but these are the movies & tv shows I would definitely recommend if you want something to watch.

I can’t wait to re-watch some of these once my horror movie project is done!


31 Horror Movies – Part 1

31 Horror Movies – Part 1

I’m not going to make it to 31, y’all. I just don’t have the time I thought I would to watch these movies. Add my new rule that I don’t have to finish a movie if I think it’ll be a 2 or 3, and it’s definitely harder to watch enough movies. But I’m going to see how close I can get, because I really am enjoying it.

Until this month, I would have told you that, zombie movies aside, I’m not a fan of horror movies, but now I know I’m just not a fan of a certain type of horror movie. I don’t like gross out horror, but I do like a good jump scare. Anyway, here’s a list of the 14 I’ve watched at the time of writing this post.

I would just like to warn everyone that there are probably spoilers down below. I won’t go out of my way to spoil anything, but I also won’t be very strict about it either.

  1. Let Us Prey (Amazon Prime)
    • At one point in this movie I said “What the fuck is wrong with this town?” More a thriller than a horror (though I’m assured it’s a horror movie), I really enjoyed it. Also, Liam Cunningham is fantastic.
      • Shane’s rating: 7
      • My rating: 8
  2. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (Amazon Prime)
    • I love found footage films, and this one is definitely that. There were some jump scares, and a few scenes that were clearly inspired by Blair Witch, but overall it was more spooky than scary.
      • Shane’s rating: 6.5
      • My rating: 6
  3. Wolf of Snow Hollow (Amazon Prime)
    • I loved this movie. No notes. I wouldn’t really call it overly scary, but I did jump a few times. Mostly I enjoyed the acting, story, and the fact that Riki Lindhome was the serious & sensible one. Honestly, if this horror movie project is good for nothing else, I’m glad it brought me to this movie.
      • 10 for both of us.
  4. Triangle (Amazon Prime)
    • Triangle is super trippy, and it takes a little bit to figure out what is going on. It’s entertaining, but leaves a lot of questions and the ending isn’t my favorite. However, it has a baby faced Liam Hemsworth the year before his Nicholas Sparks movie, and he looks completely different.
      • Shane’s rating: 5
      • My rating: 4.5
  5. Incantation (Netflix)
    • Another found footage-style horror movie, this Taiwanese supernatural story is really well told, and I was still thinking about it the next morning. The child actor in this is fantastic and so is the main character. I definitely jumped, there were tense moments, and I loved the plot. I wasn’t terrified at any point, so it was a good fit for my “I want to be scared but also able to sleep” attitude.
      • Shane’s rating: 8
      • My rating: 8
  6. The Manor (Netflix)
    • Eh. It wanted to be scarier than it was. From the jump, it doesn’t make sense that the main character, who has a stroke but only limps afterward, would move into a nursing home. There seems to be tight security, but her grandson somehow just bursts in late at night whenever he feels the need. I typed up a whole rant about this movie, but the summary is that I was left disappointed.
      • Shane’s rating: 7
      • My rating: 5
  7. The Wretched (Netflix)
    • Is horror/coming of age a category of movies? Because that’s very much what this is. It was definitely creepy and I enjoyed it, but it was definitely more atmospheric than out and out horror. This is a movie that would have been better served by leaving the monster invisible.
      • Shane’s rating: 6
      • My rating: 5
  8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) (Netflix)
    • I’ve read a lot of bad reviews comparing it to the original, but since I never saw that one, it doesn’t factor into my “review”. It was gory in the right way – people being chain sawed to death, not tortured grotesquely. It wasn’t a deep story, but at one point Leatherface bursts out of a very-out-of-place pool like a dang dolphin and that was fun. I will say that the 70 year old killer should probably not be that spritely. Shane says it’s too “made for teenagers”.
      • Shane’s rating: 4
      • My rating: 6
  9. Hideout (Amazon)
    • I didn’t like this one. The story had potential, but the acting, writing, & pacing wasn’t great. I don’t really have anything else to say about it.
      • Shane’s rating: 5 (for the story, apparently)
      • My rating: 3
  10. The Deep House (Amazon)
    • I really didn’t like this one, either. It could have been super scary – they’re trapped in an underwater haunted house, but it wasn’t. I’m pretty sure the actors playing the main couple actually hated each other, which was kind of a bummer.
      • Shane didn’t watch this one.
      • My rating: 2
  11. Dark Light (Amazon)
    • I liked this one! Is it groundbreaking? No. Was the monster cool? Yes. There were lots of bad choices, and the more you think about the movie, the more plot holes pop up, but it was a perfectly good horror movie.
      • Shane didn’t watch this one.
      • My rating: 6
  12. The Town That Dreaded Sundown (Amazon)
    • I wanted this to be more slasher-y than it was. There were a couple good deaths, and there’s a pretty solid twist, but it wasn’t super slashy. In it’s defense, I had to stop it a couple of times to change out the laundry so the atmosphere was broken a bunch.
      • Shane didn’t watch this one.
      • My rating: 6
  13. Hell House, LLC (Amazon)
    • This has been the biggest surprise of the movies. It was so good, I got spooked out when I watched it in the middle of the day, and I don’t want to know how spooked I’d be if I watched it late at night. No real jump scares, just dread and slowly built eeriness. I loved the documentary-style interviews intercut with footage from the Haunted House. I didn’t love the ending, I wish it had stopped a little sooner and we were left not knowing what happened. But, honestly, love it.
      • Shane didn’t watch this one.
      • My rating: 9 (-1 for the ending)
  14. House of 9 (Amazon)
    • You know when a movie is so good the plot holes don’t matter? You just gloss right over them. This is not that movie. The twist is somehow predictable but also makes no sense. I’m not going to suggest anyone watch it unless they’re trying to watch everything Peter Capaldi is in.
      • Shane literally slept through this – snores and all.
      • My rating: 2
  15. Creep (Netflix)
    • I know this is a much beloved horror movie, but it isn’t for me. Even though it’s found footage, it just doesn’t build the suspense and I don’t buy into the story as much as I was expecting. I didn’t hate it, it’s far better than some of the movies I’ve watched, and I can appreciate the premise, but it’s not a movie I’ll watch again. It’s one of Shane’s favorites, though.
    • Shane’s rating: 7
    • My rating: 4
31 Halloween/Horror Movies in 31 Days

31 Halloween/Horror Movies in 31 Days

The Setup

For Halloween, I have decided to watch 31 Halloween/Horror in 31 days. Not “a movie a day”. Listen, I can’t commit to a movie every night, I have things to do. I fully intend on blocking off a Saturday or 2 and watching 4 or 5 in a movie marathon event. Popcorn, blanket fort, and everything. The rest will be watched on random nights.

Look, I know I’m not going to be watching “true” horror movies. There won’t be a Saw or Hostel to be seen on my list. I don’t enjoy those, so I don’t want to watch them. The judge of what counts as horror is going to be Shane, because I need an outside perspective.

The Rules

  1. If it’s set at Halloween, it counts.
    1. Yes, this means Halloweentown does count for this challenge.
  2. If it’s gothic and spooky, it counts.
    1. It doesn’t need to be “gothic horror” necessarily as long as there’s a spooky atmosphere. Spookier than Jane Eyre, though.
  3. No Zombies.
    1. Look, I love zombies, and that’s why I watch zombie movies year-round. I’m looking for things I might not watch without a “challenge” to prompt me or very seasonal things.
  4. Miniseries count.
    1. Let’s say less than 6 episodes (preferably 4) and never intended to be a continuing tv show.
    2. So Archive 81, while excellent, doesn’t count. The Stand wouldn’t count either, since it’s 9 episodes.
  5. A total of 5 rentals.
    1. I want to source as many of these movies on Amazon Prime, Britbox, Disney+, Peacock, and Netflix so that I don’t pay a fortune on rental fees. Which unfortunately knocks the Friday the 13th franchise out of the running.
  6. I get 3 re-watches from the last few years.
    1. If I haven’t seen it since college, it doesn’t count as a “re-watch” from the last few years.
    2. This is mainly so I can count Hush, which terrifies me but is also an amazing movie.

I’ll update with rankings and a list sometime in the next couple of weeks. I already have a good idea of a lot of the movies I’m going to watch, but I don’t want to commit to anything just yet.