2018 Highlights

2018 was bananas. I don’t just mean the country falling down around us, or Earth continuing its slow decline because we’re killing it, or the general insanity that has come to what feels like the entire world. Though all of those things are also true. It’s just been a crazy year, personally. I won’t remember… Continue reading 2018 Highlights

Hurricane Florence

Myrtle Beach initially escaped Hurricane Florence with fairly little damage. My building lost a few shingles and the trash compactor enclosure lost a board on the gate. Dunkin’ Donuts lost part of their sign, the intersection I use to get out of my area blinked red for quite awhile, but really the damage was fairly low.

It’s the flooding that’s getting us. Well, not me personally, I live far enough from any river or waterway that our only flooding is in drainage ditches and retention ponds. So many people’s homes are flooded that long term rentals are getting harder and harder to find as they try to find a new place to live. Conway is just under water. Many roads are closed, rivers are far above historic flood levels, and trips that should take an hour take several.

I don’t even know what else to say – Shane and I only had to evacuate and all of our stuff is fine. We lost a freezer and fridge full of food and stressed the heck out of our cats, but that’s it. We’re incredibly lucky and I feel guilty even thinking about that stuff.

If you want to do something, volunteer with the Red Cross (if they ever have shifts I can work, I’ll be there), or donate money to Florence relief – especially if the funds go to Wilmington, NC. Our grocery stores are at least getting partial shipments, they’re still fairly isolated and need a lot more help than we do.



22 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to the Beach (feat. Hurricane Florence)

**I didn’t post this week because we evacuated ahead of Hurricane Florence. I had already written this post, so I’m just adding to it before posting.** I’ve been living at the beach (in a tourist town) for almost 4 months now, so I’m clearly an expert on beach living. I’m kidding, I’m still brand new… Continue reading 22 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to the Beach (feat. Hurricane Florence)