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Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving 2022

I was going to make this blog post into a list, since I love lists so very much, but nothing I wrote felt right. I’m not really sure why, but I wrote several versions, and didn’t like any of them. Maybe because 2022 doesn’t feel like it can be reduced into a list – even a long one.

I’ve mentioned before that this year has been the first good one in a long string of pretty awful years. Over everything else, I’m thankful for that. It might be a change in my perspective on things/life, and not a “better” year in general, but my point stands.

My list of things to be thankful for starts with the shitty job I had at the beginning of this year – I had a great time in Vegas and got close to 2 coworkers that I still count as friends. If that man hadn’t cursed me out and made me cry at work, I wouldn’t have quit and wouldn’t have the job I have now. Speaking of my job – it feels like this job is something I can make a career of long term. That remains to be seen, obviously, but the hopeful feeling is really nice after being in a string of jobs that I only applied for because I just needed a job.

Shane has been a major support this year, during the awfulness of Job 1, my unemployment/vacation, and getting prepped for Job 2. It’s really nice to live with my best friend and have that really strong foundation when things go sideways. He’s my favorite person, and I’m glad he’s on my side. Also, that horror movie project would have never gotten done without him.

I feel like the cats should get a shout out here, too. Klaus especially. Bear is a great cat, but he loves anyone who will hand him a treat and gets annoyed with my repeated attempts to keep his coat in some semblance of groomed. Klaus, though. I swear if Laurie was able to send me a cat, it would have been Klaus. Every single afternoon, he comes to visit me in my office & have a snuggle session. He likes to follow me from room to room and every night if I’m not already in bed, he comes to fetch me from the living room when he decides it’s bedtime. He has been a beacon of comfort all year.

There have been so many people giving me support this year that I don’t even want to start naming them because I’ll inevitably forget someone. Luckily, most of them don’t read this blog, so very few people will notice that I’m leaving this section of thanks to this: if you’ve been any kind of support, even if it’s just a thought here or there, I appreciate you. There have been so many small kindnesses this year, both intentional and unintentional, so many times I have been boosted out of a funk, and I’m beyond thankful for all of those moments.

I’m writing this the day I post it – Thanksgiving – and I’m going to cut it short to go make some Tgives dinner in my adequate kitchen with the love of my life in my nice warm apartment.


Working in an Office

Working in an Office

After over a year working from a home office, I now commute between 20 and 40 minutes one way to work in an office. I love it. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I love my new job, and my co-workers are amazing, but also just getting out of the house and into an office has done me a world of good.

Once we moved to Savannah, I spent a lot of time alone in the apartment with the cats. The more time I spent alone with the cats, the more I didn’t want to leave the apartment. Even to go grocery shopping. Just the thought was exhausting, honestly. Over the past few weeks, leaving the apartment is nothing for me. Though I don’t want to do the grocery shopping on my way home. We’ve been really active – we bought kayaks and use them frequently, we’ve visited family, etc. and it’s so much easier.

I also didn’t have to really get dressed for work – leggings and a t-shirt was the basic dress code. If I had a client meeting where I needed to turn on my camera, I’d wear a slightly nicer top. Hats were my best friend. Now, I get dressed for work every day. Even on my most casual day I have on really nice jeans, ankle boots, and a decent top. Plus makeup, jewelry, and with my hair fixed – never a hat. Just making that change has boosted my self confidence and I feel more like myself than I did while working at home.

Not everything is better, though. I don’t get to hangout with my cats nearly as much, sometimes Shane is asleep by the time I get home, and I have to wake up super early. We all know I’m not a morning person. For some people, those negatives would be deal breakers, but I’m happy to report that I love working in an office even if I have a commute now. I think some people just need an outlet outside of their home.


PS – I am fully vaxxed and boosted. My hands are dry from the washing, drying, and hand sanitizer.