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I Hurt My Back…

I Hurt My Back…

My 2023 goals of “get healthy, get moving, get thinking” have been blocked by a string of back problems because apparently my back decided that 36 is the new 95. I can barely walk today, so moving is a fairly difficult goal to reach.

BUT I have gotten my eyes checked and scheduled gastro & dentist appointments. I feel like those appointments are key in figuring out the path to Health. I’ve neglected myself for a couple of years, so I need to make sure everything is in good working order.

Anyway, since I have to write my blog posts on my bed, I haven’t. I’ve pretty much taken Coffee&Crows off of my plate for now. I have nothing to blog about since all I’m doing is watching playthroughs of Prey & the Dead Space remake and reading. Oh, I did watch my first season of American Horror Story – it was the 1984 summer camp one. I really liked the over the top goofy/horror-ish-ness of it all.

I hope your April is going way better than mine.


PS – I’m on Lemon8 so come find me if you’re over there too.

I’m Still Alive!

I’m Still Alive!

No lie, I didn’t feel like a human until early last week and didn’t stop coughing uncontrollably until a few days ago. That’s a month. And I whined like a child for 87% of it.

Since I did ~0 housework while sick & Shane couldn’t do a whole lot more than he already does normally (+ he took on my normal cat duties, which will always come first), I’ve been trying to get things done that fell off the radar.

I wanted to have the apartment completely “reset” for the new year, but instead, I did like 8 loads of laundry last weekend because only the essentials had been getting done. I swear I didn’t know we had so many sets of sheets. Also, where did all the throw blankets come from? And why did I use all of them while I was sick? I should have stuck to a couple instead of using ALL of them.

Anyway, happy 2023! I’ll be back to blogging regularly once I fold all those blankets.