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A Quick Recap

A Quick Recap

Hello Blog, long time no see.

Just a few things have happened since I last wrote. In no particular order, a non-comprehensive list: Shane was transferred without much warning, we sold the house, moved to a new city in a new state that we had never been to, I got a new job in a whole new industry, we fostered 3 kittens and adopted 2 others (at the same time), I lost 10 pounds, and I chopped all my hair off.

These two are my little loves – Klaus is the tuxedo kitten and Bear is the gray boy. Shane found Klaus under a bush outside of his work, and after watching for the mom cat for another day, brought him home. He’s named after the Klauses (Klausi) in The Originals and The Umbrella Academy. Bear was one of 4 kittens Shane’s coworker found in his backyard. We fostered all 4, but we chose to keep Bear and he’s my little baby boy.

We think Bear is a Nebelung – but it’s not like we have papers on his pedigree, so we’ll never know for sure. He’s a massive boy, with chubby little legs that don’t seem to bend as he trots around, and a lion’s mane. He’s scared of everyone, and almost everything, and we don’t see him that much. As a kitten, he spent most of the time hiding, so we don’t have many kitten pictures of him. Once in awhile he gets spooked that he’s all alone when he isn’t expecting to be and he screams. That’s honestly the only word for it. It took him a really long time to find his voice, so much so that I almost cried at his first real meow, but now it is the most powerful noise in this house.

Klaus is about 6 weeks older than Bear, and is pure joy. I have no other word for him but joyful. He gets into everything, wakes me up at odd times of the night, snuggles with me in the bed, and has figured out how to open barely cracked doors. He doesn’t meow much, mostly when he wants to be let into the garage or he knows we’re on the other side of the door. He also has what I like to call crazy eyes – he rarely blinks and they’re always wide open and are almost perfectly circular.

Tau has adopted Bear as his personal emotional support animal – if he’s having a bad day he’s often found with his face buried in Bear’s fur. They (aka a couple of vets) think that Tau might have lesions on his brain, causing some absence seizures and affecting his personality. It’s agreed all around though that he’s still living a good life. He plays a lot, eats well, has a great purr that he uses often, and hasn’t tried to eat or kill the kittens so quality of life is still good.

Anyway, it’s been a hell of a year, and I’ve been missing writing this blog. Sometimes I write posts in my head while getting ready in the morning, or while trying to get myself to sleep at night. So here I am.

My Favorite Photos From July

Boy, I did nothing exciting this month. So here’s a bunch of cat pictures.

  1. Tau decided I should be done with work, and communicated this by invading my space.
  2. Tau loves flowers, plants, etc. These are fake, but he’s decided to try them out anyway. He had knocked the vase over repeatedly so I was holding it on my lap, but that didn’t stop him.
  3. He’s super helpful when working on a puzzle, too. Loves to hold down the completed bits and also keeps the free pieces warm.
  1. Living his best life, Tau relaxes on the back porch.
  2. My dad bough Tau this little toy stuffed with catnip and he is obsessed.
  3. We have a bunny visitor super frequently. Sometimes it’s in the neighbor’s yard, but he’s always around.
  1. Gooses!
  2. Different angle on the gooses! They were using our backyard as a path from one pond to another. They’ve also used our front yard to get around. One is limping and it bums us out.
  3. We thought Tau would be freaked out by the geese, but he was unbothered.

My Favorite Pictures From June

There haven’t been many picture-taking opportunities in June because, you know, we haven’t gone anywhere. Actually, I should have taken pictures of our new grill. Maybe in July.

  1. Tau enjoys getting a belly rub on the concrete of the back porch.
  2. Tau explores the griddle we’ve been storing on the back porch.
  3. Tau views his domain.

4. The one place we’ve been since the pandemic started – a restaurant called Old Town Crepes. We’ve gone exactly once since all this started. We get the khachapuri (Georgian cheese and egg bread) every single time we do get to go. God, it’s delicious.
5. The note that came with the chocolate covered strawberries Shane sent me.
6. One of my all-time favorites, Tau is curled up with my stuffed animals on the bed. I sleep with either Ruff (the dog) or Buspar (the sock monkey) every night.