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January Shenanigans

January Shenanigans

Boy, January was a whole month, wasn’t it? Let’s do a little Top 5, because I don’t feel like doing this in paragraph format. Also, I don’t think I have enough individual shenanigans to fill out a Top 10. This month has been crazy though.

1. Trade Show Madness

The biggest trade show in my industry happens in January & it was so much fun! The leadup was pretty stressful – we’re an extremely new team and we had a lot of responsibility at the show – but we pulled together and it was an extremely successful show. Everyone is incredibly proud of our work.

2. Team Building

I got to know my team (and some coworkers on other teams) SO well. We got to hang out at the show and after, grabbed food, complained about our feet together, and honestly got to bond in a way that I don’t think I’ve done with any coworkers before. I’ve never been to a trade show before either, though.

3. Covid

Even though I’m vaxxed and boosted, used so much hand sanitizer, and kept my mask on even when everyone else took theirs off, I brought home Covid. My symptoms have been pretty mild – sinus congestion & drainage, cough, severe sore throat, fatigue, and loss of smell/taste. I honestly think that I also got a sinus infection on top of Covid, because the sinus symptoms have not stopped. I have gone through several boxes of tissues. The cough had calmed down a good deal, but it still pops up sometimes. Thankfully, the fatigue was gone after a few days. The loss of smell/taste is the biggest bummer. What a depressing thing.

4. Shane & Covid

My guy had Covid SO MUCH worse than I did. He struggled getting enough oxygen – he even blacked out a few times. His throat was exponentially worse than mine as well. He didn’t have as much sinus trouble though, and no cough. He can also still taste. We’re both on the mend, though. Both of us get tired pretty easily, but it’s a lot better.

5. Fake Nails

While frequenting CVS the past little bit, I wandered into the little beauty area and decided to get some glue on nails. Since I was waiting on a prescription that visit, I had plenty of time to consider all of my options. I’ve literally never had fake nails before, and it turns out I love them. They’re so fun. Have I had to replace 2 in the past 2 days because the glue kind of sucks? Yes. Am I really enjoying them anyway? Also yes. Will I keep buying them? Absolutely. Will I one day go get acrylics at a nail salon? Probably, but I kind of the like the cheapy ones for now.


Working in an Office

Working in an Office

After over a year working from a home office, I now commute between 20 and 40 minutes one way to work in an office. I love it. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I love my new job, and my co-workers are amazing, but also just getting out of the house and into an office has done me a world of good.

Once we moved to Savannah, I spent a lot of time alone in the apartment with the cats. The more time I spent alone with the cats, the more I didn’t want to leave the apartment. Even to go grocery shopping. Just the thought was exhausting, honestly. Over the past few weeks, leaving the apartment is nothing for me. Though I don’t want to do the grocery shopping on my way home. We’ve been really active – we bought kayaks and use them frequently, we’ve visited family, etc. and it’s so much easier.

I also didn’t have to really get dressed for work – leggings and a t-shirt was the basic dress code. If I had a client meeting where I needed to turn on my camera, I’d wear a slightly nicer top. Hats were my best friend. Now, I get dressed for work every day. Even on my most casual day I have on really nice jeans, ankle boots, and a decent top. Plus makeup, jewelry, and with my hair fixed – never a hat. Just making that change has boosted my self confidence and I feel more like myself than I did while working at home.

Not everything is better, though. I don’t get to hangout with my cats nearly as much, sometimes Shane is asleep by the time I get home, and I have to wake up super early. We all know I’m not a morning person. For some people, those negatives would be deal breakers, but I’m happy to report that I love working in an office even if I have a commute now. I think some people just need an outlet outside of their home.


PS – I am fully vaxxed and boosted. My hands are dry from the washing, drying, and hand sanitizer.