Planner Talk Vol. 1

Planner Talk Vol. 1

Even though 2020 is keeping me inside, I actually have several things to keep track of, so I got myself a planner. I’ve had a planner off and on for years, but actually haven’t really used one in the past year or so. My new one isn’t one of the popular ones – Erin Condren, Passion Planner, Hobonichi, or a bullet journal – it’s just a $17 planner from Target I got because I thought it was cute.

Beginning my blog again, owning a house, & trying to get more involved in the community means that I actually have things going on. We’re also trying to clear out the freezers (in case of hurricane power loss) through making dinners, so I’m planning menus out as well. I need a lot of space for lists, too, since that’s kind of my deal.

This is what I settled on. The entire week on one page, and I don’t know if you can see it well, but the days are set up in 3 columns with a very faint line between them. It’s an 8x11in planner, so there’s a lot of room to write. The other page is set up in convenient little boxes, but they also have titles which is annoying. I don’t love that.

I’m not a huge planner decorator, but the pineapple tape over the titles is a winner. I might even be a little extra next week and whiteout the titles as well. Living on the wild side. Anyway, I’m using the first column for personal stuff like days off, when Shane works, church, appointments, etc. Obviously, it’s a little sparse at the moment. Skipping around a bit, the third column is what blogs are being posted this week. Not sure why I put “write” in there.

The second column is housework. This is the first week I’m using this, so I’m not sure how the system will change over time. Every day I’ve put a room (or two) to tidy/clean, along with “laundry” every day. However, I won’t have laundry every day, it’s just to remind me to check to see if I do. Kitchen is cleaned daily. Saturdays/Sundays are for chores that will rotate. I haven’t decided what those will be this weekend. Cat duties means changing all the litter in the litter box, I clean it out every day.

That second page is super helpful for making lists. Things I need to do but not on a specific day, the week’s menu (well, the recipes that might get made this week), and I’m sure I’ll fill in the other parts.

I even like the habit tracker – I’ve been wanting to start morning & evening routines and it’s an easy way to track if I cleaned the kitchen every day.

I’m interested in how my system changes over time, or if I keep using the planner at all, so I’m going one of these Planner Talks every month. That’ll be cool, especially as more time goes by and I don’t have this planner anymore.


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