My Favorite Stephen King Adaptations

My Favorite Stephen King Adaptations

Honestly, I haven’t read a ton of Stephen King books. Not for any particular reason, I just haven’t. I have a few on the TBR Mountain, though, so that’ll change hopefully. Shane loves Stephen King novels, and we both love the adaptations. I know King isn’t huge on a lot of them, but to each his own. Here’s a list of my favorite adaptations. Besides the obvious Shawshank Redemption and The Shining. Those two are almost required watching these days.

Castle RockOkay, okay, it’s not *technically* an adaptation but a new story set in King’s favorite place – Maine. Using actors from past adaptations and containing shout-outs to King properties (Shawshank prison, anyone?), it’s close enough. And holy hell Bill Skarsgård is amazing. I loved him in Hemlock Grove and he just keeps delivering amazing performances. Also Sissy Spacek is a joy. It’s really mind trippy & I’m sure that even though I think I have a handle on what’s happening I probably have no idea.

Stand By MeI didn’t see this movie until I was an adult, but it’s a movie that was a big part of Shane’s childhood. I really enjoy this movie and didn’t even realize it was a Stephen King story until much much later on.

It: Chapter 1 ~ Moment of truth – I never saw the Tim Curry version. Or if I did, I don’t remember it. I love Tim Curry, though. This is a movie my 13 year old niece and I can talk about together, which makes it edge up the list a bit. Even without that, it’s a solid movie.

The StandThis is the mini series that kicked off my love of the apocalypse & science fiction in a big way. I can’t overstate how much this movie impacted my interests and tastes over the years. I will always have a soft spot for The Stand. I was pretty young when I watched it for the first time and I can still remember watching it religiously over and over again. If I ever write my novel, blame this mini-series.

The Langoliers ~ I grew up on this mini series (though I only ever watched it as a movie). I haven’t watched it in years and yet I can recall entire scenes vividly. It did not age well, though. I just watched a few clips on YouTube for nostalgia’s sake and they were not fabulous. But seriously, it will always be a favorite.

HavenI actually lost interest towards the end of the show’s run. I’m not a fan of love triangles and then the weirdness of her choice, I just snoozed through the last season. The first few seasons were crazy awesome though and I’ll probably go back and watch those. Adam Copeland as Dwight is one of my favorite performances. Just trust me on this one.

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